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Our Prices

Unfurnished (Cavalier Coat):

All Colours and Sexes- $2,499

Furnished (Non Shedding):

All traditional colours: 





All prices inclusive of GST

Please see our colour guide for more information on the different available colour options and terms.

Our prices reflect the quality of the pup you will receive from us. They represent the countless hours spent raising the litter, and the blood, sweat and tears dedicated to their training and wellbeing. 


Our pups come from exceptional lines that have been sourced from all over Australia and overseas. The additional effort of seeking out the best bloodlines ensures that the quality of our pups are next to none, but there are significant additional expenses involved. We try to keep our prices competitive, but there is some variation for certain bloodlines that have required these additional expenses for importation. 


No expense is spared with raising our puppies, beginning before conception. Every parent dog is thoroughly health checked and DNA tested. They are fed premium quality food and each one is raised in the family home. We have a purpose built whelping area, so that pups are raised in the best situation possible. Mum and bubs are fed quality food and raised in a climate controlled room. We have a house call vet who comes to our property to offer health checks for mum and bubs and vaccinations/microchipping for the puppies. We begin toilet training (on both real and artificial grass), doggy door and crate training with every puppy, to make the transition to their new home easier. Most of our puppies will sleep through the night in their crate from night one in their new home. 


Our puppies also come with a small welcome home puppy pack, filled with the essentials that we love, and hope you will too. We offer lifetime support for all of our puppies too, and will answer any questions or help out in any way we can to ensure our pups are happy and safe for the rest of their life.

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