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Colour & Coat Guide

We know there is a lot of confusion on the different coats and colours in the Cavoodle world. This guide is a work in progress, as we add more images of future pups with the full spectrum of colourations.



Shaggy (Zero Curl)


Fleece (Wavy)

Wool (Curly)



Unfurnished (Cavalier Coat)

Solid colours are one colour all over. Some solid coloured Cavoodles are also 'abstract'- which is where the puppy has a solid base colour (for example red) with a splash of white on it's face, chest and sometimes paws. 


IMG_9123 (2).heic

Red (can be cream, apricot, red, mahogany)

with black points (black nose, paw pads and brown eyes)

Red (can be cream, apricot, red, mahogany)

with liver points (chocolate nose, paw pads and green eyes)




Phantom colours are a solid base colour (note they can only be black or brown- not red!), and then tan markings on their eyebrows, cheeks, chest, front legs, haunches and bum. These tan markings are called 'tan points'.

Ghost Phantoms are tan points that are partially blocked, so they have fainter tan points which are not as distinct.

Some phantom puppies will be abstract- which means they have small white splashes on their face/chest/paws. These puppies are called 'tri' by some people, but the white is typically very minimal, and so we don't refer to them as a true tri-colour. 



Chocolate Phantom

Ghost Phantom


Parti colours are when 50% or more of the body is white. The white masks the base colour underneath. Typically the white is uneven on the body, leaving large patches of the underneath colour peeking through all over. The puppy will often have a distinct 'blaze' of white down their face and a white chest.  


Black Parti (Bi-colour)


Blenheim (red can be cream, apricot, red, mahogany)




Coming Soon

Chocolate Tri-Colour

Chocolate Parti


Merle colouring changes the base colour (can only be seen on black or brown- not red!) of the puppy and leaves a random speckled look on the coat that is two toned. Merles can be a solid colour, phantom or parti. Black based merles are called 'blue'. Some merles have piercingly blue eyes, which can range from a partial blue in only one eye to two fully blue eyes. The blue eye genetics are a bit random, but they do seem to be hereditary. Some of our merle lines produce blue eyes and some don't. 

Please read our FAQ page on the Merle colouring and the associated concerns some people may have with them.

Blue Merle


Phantom Blue Merle


Parti Blue Merle


Tri-colour Blue Merle

Coming Soon

Chocolate Merle

Chocolate Phantom Merle

Coming Soon

Parti Chocolate Merle

Coming Soon

Tri-colour Chocolate Merle


Roan is a very new colour to Cavoodles in Australia. Our Roan lines directly from imported purebred Roan Cavaliers overseas. 

When Roan pups are born they look like a normal parti colour, but as they age their base coat colour begins to develop in the normally fully white areas. This gives them a beautiful two toned effect to their coat which continues to intensify into adulthood.

Coming Soon

Red Roan

Coming Soon

Blue Roan

Chocolate Roan

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