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Breeding Designer Cavoodles

Raised by our family, for your family

We Specialise in Genetics

What sets our pups apart is a passion for genetics which has fuelled our love for breeding. We have dedicated countless hours to learning all the small details about colour, coat and genetic health selection in dogs. Ask us anything genetic related, and we will be very excited to share with you some of the knowledge we have, which will help you to select a puppy that is perfect for your needs. You will hopefully be able to feel some of the passion we have for our breeding program, which we truly believe allows us to be breeding some of the best family pets possible.

Our Story

Meet Eliza. She is the passionate breeder behind Cloud Nine Cavoodles. Her breeding story began as a child, where she was raised on a farm in rural NSW. She was first breeding slugs as a five year old, and has never stopped breeding since!

Available Puppies

We have puppies available at times. See what is available now, or when the next planned litters are due.

Join the Waitlist

Our puppies are loved by everyone. To ensure you get exactly the puppy of your dreams from a future planned litter, please join our waitlist!

Guardian Home Program

All our breeding dogs are raised in individual family homes. They are beloved family pets primarily, while still being able to participate in our breeding program and experience the joy involved in raising occasional litters at our property. Once a breeding dog is retired from our program, they stay with their Guardian Family for the rest of their long and happy life. 


We are always seeking loving and dedicated local Guardian Families to take on the highest quality puppies that are selected for our breeding program. We encourage you to apply if this is of interest to you. 

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